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Watch Instructions

How to set/change the time

1. When you receive your watch, the crown will already be in it's fully extended position. Remove the crown protector.

2. Rotate the crown to set your desired time.

3. Push the crown inwards until you hear a slight click. The time is now set.

4. To change the time, pull the crown back out to its fully extended position and repeat steps 2 to 3.

How to remove/attach leather straps

1. The leather straps are equipped with quick release spring bars. 

2. Slightly pull back on the quick release spring bar knob to release the strap.

How to adjust stainless steel strap

1. Lift the outer clasp.

2. Lift the inner clasp with the spring bar tool ( Insert the V-tip end of the tool within hole where the arrow is pointing towards and lift the inner clasp).

3. At this point, the buckle will be able to move freely along the strap. Adjust the buckle on the strap to your desired length.

4. Close the inner clasp (apply a considerable amount of pressure). 

5. Close the outer clasp.